It’ s was a brand new journey, i left at 02.30 pm i saw the pigs raid unclearly from faraway, when i got so many people dropped their bikes waiting for the raid and there were some got stopped by pigs. You know, pigs always try to get easy money. Cos pigs were put to protect us but who protects us from pigs – KRS One. If you never get trouble with pigs, there are two probabilities, you dont live in indonesia, you get some benefits of the pigs existance (morgue vanguard on gutterspit). I got my self wondering the way to avoid them, i have no mirror in my bike. I tried to find out the shortcut from pintu padang, thought that the only way to accelerate my time. On the half way of shortcut, i met youngsters begged for whoever pass from their land. I gave Rp 3000 (better than pigs beggar). And the second shit thing happened to me, i got my tire leaked haha ! trust me there is always storm after storm haha!. Finally i pushed my moto till the nearest workshop. What a tough beginning.

I asked to the workshop kid “what time is now?” he said “almost 04.30 pm, thought I would be arriving at night there. Yeah my moto was ready, i was gonna ride it to the fullest, time was running out, yihaaa I’m coming sorik marapi!!!!.

I saw my speedometer..hmmmm my moto needed fuel. Dropped at gasoline station, when i was queueing, i smelled something burned behind me, a gasoline officer said to me “dude, i think something wrong with your tire” i took a look at my tire, oh god! There was a trouble, i saw the rubber of brake canvass was heating and burning. I should ride to the nearest workshop again and repair this. I got shit things for three times so far haha. I bought and changed two spareparts all at once, what a journey!. Sometimes you will get sooo manyyyy obstacle in your trip. At least i met a humble shopkepeer, and i hope everything’s gonna be alright then. I made up my mind to pray ashar first at 06.05 then waiting till maghrib time (i postponed a prayer i got shit things two times).

I saw a grandpa switching on the electricity inside masjid, he smiled at a stranger like me. His white hair showed me that everyone will be getting old how fittest you are. I thought i’m gonna do the same, i will spent my old time in masjid, praying to allah swt. Adzan suddenly sounded bearking my contemplation, There goes. I crossed my finger.

 Yeayyy!! I officially arrived at sibanggor julu at 09.30 pm after asking for every men in every junctions, so i didnt get lost,  A long and winding road again. I saw some old men in warong drinking coffee and tea, i better asked them something there. They suggested me to meet their village chief. The moon was shining softly and the clouds seemed so calm.

 The sibanggor julu chief suggested me to stay at mr. Ateng’s home rather than sleeping at my tent. You i got to pay 50k for him and 100k for a guideman tomorrow.  Yeah guys, this was a command, we should obey it to the max haha!. Mr. Ateng was my host, he was very a humble  guy, i slept there not so tight cos i was so excited.  One thing for sure, people here have been forbidden the girl to hike this mountain since long time ago. They said if the girl hike, sorik marapi will erupt, Believe it or not, does it make sense?


It was early morning at 04.00 pm, preparing for all the things that we needed, you guys know what you need when you wake up? yup you need the toilet, but you get no toilet here. so we gotta go to the small river to pup, pee and bath. I was suprised when i touched the water it was warm, i just knew that the river mixed with the sulphur.



Breaking the silence, we were waking up the bugs when passing through the grass



HE makes the darkness seem bright and WALKS with me into the wild “You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky, as we walk in Fields of Rubber”



Taking a rest while adzan sounded in the horizon, allohu akbar!!




We have passed from napanatayas, where every animals pass from here, including the king of the jungle, Sumatran Tigris. We had to be wary around here. This is rotan fruit, so bitter sour.




This is antunu, i even dunno antunu in bahasa, its leaf could make the plaited mat.


6 (2)

Yihaaa we barely reached to top, we were above the cloud



7only through this access to the summit, forget about sunrise haha! As long as u could step up , adventure till you drop!



This ain’t sunny day. The last Sorik marapi erupted in 1986, 29 years ago. We wish it doesnt erupt more like sinabung.



“death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live” – Norman Cousins



Keep the blue crater lasting forever!!! I ultimately stomped and could shouted. Here is the real summit of the mount



we went down the cliff as wary as the special force, the 600 meters vertical cliff could murder us. It really blew my mind, i couldn’t stop amazing.



We were getting closer to the surface of crater, this was so damn incredible



The whole sorik marapi crater



This is one of the sulphur source in the cliff, it produces tons of sulphur and tons of smelly fog


here’s the sorik marapi crater



The more crater ignored me the closer i got her haha! Part of mud was getting dry. Making broken soil upperground, she looks gorgeous, she got the look man!



That hole is the main source of the hot springs. The water is seething up to 100 celcius degree (i guess)



Big rocks, deep cliff, hot sulphur



I thought the rainfall made this puddle, water already mixed with soil surface of sulphur. I tasted it a bit sour, i think we can use this in survival, at least in emergency



I could say that hole is a huge stove to cook the sulphur well done.



We easily got the sulphur one in a while, sometimes we gotta punched it till spilt from the stone. Those sulphur are 100 percent ripe, so smelly if you dont get used to



A half hour to the edge of crater and 8 till 12 kilos of sulphur on your back




The invisible bridge above the driest mud, could u see that with your sixth sense?



Local people call arimonting, it grows only in the summit. This fruit spreads about 15 centimeters upperground, sweet sour on my tongue.



it’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves – sir edmund hillary



looking for the water spring in the cold, frosty, cloudy afternoon sorik marapi



look those grasses!!! Those all are arimonting, let’s harvest till drop!, always watch your feet



That’s the water spring, we could see the sulphur lake on the right side and the water lake on the left side. You know the water is not as fresh as you think, we could still taste sour



We assumed this is bear’s or deer’s crap. Which one do you think?



cos we’re not fucking taylor shits or one erections



and i still haven’t found what i’m looking for




i will turn around that way, hope i get the private ticket to there



season in the (no) sun, i have endless fun



when the drizzle comes, i step slow down enjoying the tears of cloud



the sky was weeping when we got back, do you think this is the sad end?


Note : Mandailing  natal or so called madina is the southest  region of north sumatra. The regency  borders on Rao which is part of west sumatra region. If  we diffrentiate among all of bataknese tribes, mandailing bataknese has the softest dialect (as you know we got the loudest voice in indonesia, so people judges us as  HULK haha). Some even thought mandailing is not bataknese but part of minangnese’s descentdant. Their ancestor probably acculturated with bataknese (but hey!!! This is debatable i dont wanna involve more, i’m smartass).




rain seems to weeped as a brokenhearted girl, we finally met with mr. felix and ms. Nicole at Ferdinand lumban tobing airport, pinangsori. Nice, kind and funny were their mid-name on the way pinangsori to my hometown.


Started on 7 am from the hotel, I was waiting them in lobby of mega permata hotel then start! When we got lobu layan we passed salacca field all road long and squirrel is legally hunted, the pest for salacca. we headed to padang julu after passing through sitaratoit (steroid in English haha) about one hour. Captured this moment while waiting for toni my partner in crime. Two local guys guided us are mr. kalong and mr. mandofa hail!


Padangsidimpuan looked so cloudy

3This is simandar the top of lubuk raya, would be eight hours to hike it, yeah someday…

4“the long and winding road that leads to your jungle will never disappear”


Into the wild chapter


Yellow fungus like stairways to tree home


Got the shelter one, taking a rest for a while I made some cups of coffee and had lunch, didn’t keep on the journey to the next shelter.


Young fungus on the moss, looked like warts on someone’s leg

9Sunny turned to be rainy suddenly, look that ! sidimpuan was so sunny

10That was I always didn’t understand, why we got mud bath, leeches party and mosquito bites hahaha.. let’s go back to the hotel


Started at 8 am from the hotel hoping no rain today, I brought the raincoat just in case because we were gonna explore two falls and hot springs

11Touched down to sitimbulan, thought it was rain here last night it made the falls muddy. We better take off the dress and feel the air

12It was cold. I tried to step from stone to stone then swim. The body adjusted the cold water in the morning, swam around the falls after ten minutes we were comfortly adjusted to the freezing water.

13I asked felix to jump from the top he said “why not” so we climbed up the cliff carefully felix said it was slippery when wet and I changed the word poison song into every salacca has its thorn. when  We reached the top, I would be the first contestant in this contest, I was  worried because the stream was so huge I hardly tried to be fearless but didn’t work then I closed my eyes, jumped and screamed “allohu akbaaarrrrr” what a relieved. Toni’s turn yihaaaaaa then felix, mission accomplished. All was well, swimming made me stomachache because I didn’t breakfast yet so time to grabbed meal and captured.


Mr. Crab under the stone where was fuckin spongebob?

15So many local students wanted to capture foreigner like felix and Nicole, I guessed it was their once a lifetime experience and both of them made it true

16Here we came to next place today aek nabara hot spring

17Those are hot springs in the riverside, sulphur steam flies to the open air


We could see the river stream from the hill, couldnt you?

19Steamy day !!! it blurs the photos, but toni you still looked big haha

20Green forest welcome!! Weak moratorium endangers our forest

21Jumping to another stone, how could we kept dry passing through the river ?? Yihaaa the next fall

22Toni my partner in crime was a nice guide for both, an emo kid side job hehe

23I didnt know what happened with them, i guessed it was all about the death penalty in indonesia haha

24I surveyed the falls first, suprised there was no big rock before the falls 3 years ago, i thought the big stream bring it


Remembering the landslide

26Yihaaaa today trip was officially done!! God save the nature



Today was city tour, started at 8 am from the hotel, heading to  zalacca factory in parsalakan. Zalacca or well-know by snake fruit is padangsidimpuan pride, it is sweet mix with sour and bitter at the same time, so juicy. We were welcomed by the owner of the zalacca factory. He explained about the process how fresh zalacca become mass product such as syrup, chip, energy drink, date zalacca. We went to another zalacca factory, you know what  a daughter of the owner introduced us the zalacca coffee, that’s a brand new thing for us, felix and nicole seemed to like the zalacca coffee. Actually she is the mastermind of zalacca product in this store genius!!. Finally she offered us to taste a little unripe zalacca, she said the taste as tasty as coconut. She was right anyw


“I’m only happy when it rains..i feel good when things are going wrong..i only listen to the sad sad song (not really haha) i’m only happy when it rains”. Had a lunch here, the owner of restaurant always said i love you i love you to felix and her wife nicole barely sold him expensively hahaha. By the way, nicole felt so spicy when eating gado-gado


Discussing about the spread of catholic around south tapanuli in payoki church with  Elyas. let’s say Elyas is one of payoki church officer  Toni has many student from payoki church so he recognizes him, wow toni’s influence is everywhere hehe. Just skip it, let’s get down to the bussiness. We ever heard about Nomensen church huh? Nomensen is the first missionary in north tapanuli. The german missionary brought the mission spreading from north to south tapanuli including our town padangsidimpuan (i forgot who was the first missionary in padangsidimpuan uhh). Felix and nicole are german it was coincidence. Elyas brought us to the altar, said this one is yet to renovate since 1966 unless the electricity, a tough building. I saw nicole prayed. Headed to the girls dorm then. A clean and calm Elementary and junior high school dorm. It was the first time i stomped to the church moreover to the altar, nice experience.


We were done with church then we were going to mesjid raya. FUN ENGLISH CLUB time! Yihaaaa me and toni finally could bring the foreigner as guest after 3 years long waiting after we ressurected FEC. here came the hard rain, we had to speak loudly .our member was really excited. I guess, it was first time ever for them wkwkwkwk

31What would you do if some kids come and mess up? Haha Kids’s courisity, There is islamic elementary school beside the mosque, when sky weeped everywhere was wet, kids were glad as a bunch of frogs which were waiting for the hard rain. They got close to us wetly and messed up our convo, the most hillarious moment was they tried to immitate what we spoke. I’m not that good grow up peterpan! Haha

32yeah a special interview. they had an assignment from the lecture


33Ringo starr said “i’d like to be an octopus garden. All my friend would be there” . we finally devied in two groups and stayed away from those kids, got another place to keep on talking with felix meanwhile nicole was with another group.

34Big tree on the big rock, how if plant can live above the stone. It would be very cool

35Falls was done, aek badak here we came! It’s only a cave but i like it, but we were not going to be caveman hehe. They both didn’t want to get into the cave, you know we got to step down slowly and carefully, smell of bat crap was tortured our nose

36Tried to get another cave, various of grass was around us. It made us itchy but who doesnt get itchy in the jungle? haha


We were sucked by super massive black hole haha, toni looked like an alien from krypton planet who kept kryptomite and kryptotite  for centuries then was going to protect from stranger

38Toni was camouflaged being a man, and approached them, watch out!!! He was going to murder you!!! No matter how close you with him, run away!!!

39The most precious kryptotite

40This couple succesfully run away from toni the alien, but they must pass through the alter bridge



We were smiling all day long in sunny morning with Toni Faisal, the man who sold the world hehe.


Got the small geo-thermal, this land has so many natural resources but it has bad human resources like me haha but i believe the government, they always be there but i’m a fucking liar, government asshole!!! FTG!!!


Keep the eye out for volcano! But we are super honoured by the amount of gorgeous places and we can’t wait to see it. Stay curious!

44Visca barca! No no no fucking way, we were not talking about ex krassimir balakov club here as felix’s outfit. i intended to meet the palm sugar farmer honestly, so we could drink fresh palm sugar from the tree. But this was the first time for me passing this way, so i had no idea to get it. We met him coincidentally when he was boiling the fresh palm sugar in the hut. I’m sure this farmer was the first man whom shocked by us in sibualbuali circle. I bought the fresh palm sugar from him then, pouring while filtering (so many bees inside of bamboo) cup by cup. We ultimately drank but not druk hehe, good to increase your sugar blood level.


Good wife good life and that’s marriage hehe


Hmmmm late morning conversation, i bet floods swept this place few months ago. It can destroy everything


we walk this empty stream, on the river of broken dreams, where the forest is quiet and we are the only four and keep walking

48we barely arrived to the hot springs, steam and fog on the grass


Yihaaaa this is crude-oil, what??? Sorry..haha i should repeat.. yihaaaa this is hot springs. I boiled 3 duck eggs not in this photo, in another small hot springs, waiting for about 15 minutes, you got tasty well down boiled duck eggs!


The is no free lunch huh? Haha. I acted like the last samurai in haritte haha, toni stayed cool with his chubby cheek, felix and nicole spreaded their sweet moment, that’s marriage


We were going to go back, i guess this is one of the summit of mount. Sibualbuali. Someday we’ll know



The last day was a brand new day, look at that toni was super duper excited, we were gonna go down to the wild, to the deep forest catching the falls where only the fisher want to go there. So mr. Tanjung would guide us in this complex biodiversity.


Oh god!! Felix was too high for even our bridge, stooping under the pillar haha. God bless asian


Mr. Tanjung intentionally made rotan and root as our rope for helping us going down safely and cut some trees to be our their stick. You know, we were going down the cliff. Safety first.


Slippery when wet again, it was more difficult than lubuk saya one, once you can’t stay balanced you’re gonna slip to the downhill. Many obstacles you find here

56Guess what??? I officially donated some of my blood for a lucky leech today, do you need Indonesia Red Cross? Eh..


Staring at sirerak, it was the second time for me, it was four years ago with my former friend back then. Some of them is asshole.


After two a half hour going down i can’t keep staring at you huge falls.

59Let’s capture the moment! Nicole barely gave up, wanted to go back to the village, two hours going down made her thought twice keeping up the journey. But all of burdens and obstacles while she was on the way has been paid with this priceless and precious moment.


Till the day the insect dies, nature only knows

61Falls free massage haha..i didnt take a shower before we came here (so stinky and smelly) so i would let my body washed by the falls more and more.


Climbed a huge rock to capture pretty view from here. Unfortunately the falls was sprinkling to my camera lens. So i got blurred photos, at least i could capture this moment in my memory hehe


a jungle knight lost his hairgrip then tied his hair with the green root hehe


after two hours going down, it’s time to hike, let’s see how much the time we spent for hiking

65rotan and root rope was really really helped them to hike this cliff


local farmer said to me “kodak bo hami so lalu poto nami tu jerman” capture us so our photos will be seen to germany hahaha

67The Great Lubuk Raya from here


we were so damn thristy after two hours hiking, i even didn’t drink at all. if there is a will there is a way, If there is a problem there is solution and the solution was coconut party hell yeah, mixing with palm sugar. Life was so perfect this time. felix and nicole are a nice and humble german couple, they both easily made some jokes for us. felix always doesnt understand when he saw 3 local guys on one motorbike without helmet and motolamp haha. nicole even suggested an idea about a smart and fun game for our Fun English Club. thanks a bunch for coming here, i hope you guys could come again. so long and see you


it would be awesome trip, i would hike with my all-time buddy, when every mate changes, when every pal becomes slave, when every buddy turns to be money oriented and snob (bucks change you, don’t you?). This guy always being funny as jackass, smelly messy as hell and attitude as fuck haha (love this guy). time seemed to stop for us .. but spinning well for others. I knew him since we were at boarding school in one of somewhere gorgeous in south tapanuli. One day we would explore it, i spent my old good days with this guy. we discussed about Dewa, Padi, Sheila on 7 when they were still cool. Sung them in our loneliness.(i got used to sing them while washing and bathing haha) you know, living in boarding school as 13 fucking years old boy was not that easy, i thought it was nightmare and someone said it was blessing in disguise vice versa. he become the alumnus of the boarding school, when i graduated from senior highschool in my hometown. Different way same goal, we finally met again in one class, same department, same university unintentionally.  Two cheap bastards united again and again, god gave rock n roll to us haha!

I saw my phone it was 07.15 p.m we were waiting for a minibus in the gasoline station which hit the highway. We had good quality time, chit chat with arif (hey! we are buddies since child) about his sister proposal and would be getting marry soon, about our innocence childhood, our history past and future time, while looking ijul tried to stop some minibuses to sungai penuh. There was other mate who helped us but it was totally slipped on my mind, god bless you dude. We finally got a minibus, ijul and driver bargain each other and bingo! We got the good price cos we rode outside of terminal. So long! pekanbaru the fortune city.

Morninggg!! I just woke up and we just arrived at solok selatan, every passager were sleeping. Too early wake up too late to got fresh air, we listened to minang songs all night long. We discussed about those lyrics last night, minang songs are meaningful and full of metaphor. Check this one out “takicuah di nan tarang” or “tricked in the daylight”. It is so cool, isn’t it? That is why we know so many men of letters from minang. There are Buya Hamka with tenggelamnya kapal Van Der Wijck, Chairil Anwar with AKU (remember AADC !), a living legend taufik ismail (panggung sandiriwa – God bless, Tuhan – Bimbo then Gigi) and so many more, they are awesome. The last, we got good words from those songs, as amateur un-skilled musician haha!, we got some inspiration, hail to them!

???????????????????????????????sungai penuh is about to come man! mr. Sleeping beast! Haha it was 06.30 a.m and we would be there on 01.00 p.m. Moustache, beard, holes of acne are beast combination haha!

we took a rest again for lunch, this was the fourth rest time and the car had to be repaired twice. What a messy! But hey the show must go on huh. We just drank coffee, we got treated by a man who sit in front of us, thank sir anyway! Two hours to midday two hours to sungai penuh.

???????????????????????????????here we are ! finally at tugu macan After 16 hours on the road from pekanbaru to sungai penuh, jambi. It a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll AC/DC said hehe.. One thing that made me never forget about tugu macan, there were couple guys asked us for some photos. Maybe they thought i’m jake gylanhall uppss

???????????????????????????????we were in kerinci basecamp to rest our butt while asking about the chance to hike kerinci, preparing energy, making friendship, drinking tea and coffee cos nothing more with common people. Look at that the photos’s on the wall hehe. people here was very very welcome to us, we were blessed. but unfortunately he told us not to hike mount. kerinci till a week later cos someone was lost before the new year. so the officer of kerinci seblat national park forbidden the hiking for almost 2 weeks till the victim can be found and all is clear there. we didnt know about this before, we should make a plan b cos we have been here. damn! we would be missed our chance to hike this mount.

???????????????????????????????the beauty evidence of mount. Kerinci, we spent our time to look around the basecamp, we went to the tea garden, capturing some moment, the sunset beside the mountain, we are so this close! Haha

7not because the branded adventure gear that you have but the higher ability and more independent your shirt!!! hail to Gemuruh Musik Pertiwi  bravo Re-Anamnesis!!.

???????????????????????????????it’s time to execute plan b, no matter what, kinda lame and spiritless. Once again the hiking must go on Keep moving on. Time for mount. Tujuh make it fun make it cool, adrenalin starts to flow, we’re hiking all around.

???????????????????????????????for someone with a lot of heavy songs in the Chinese phone (yes Chinese phone !) this trip song goes to “pasukan perang dari rawa” komunal’s track cos we begun from rawa aka pekanbaru. Let’s sing along!!! “ derap langkah bergema Oi! Oi! Oi! Menangkan perang ini “ arrrggghhh.

???????????????????????????????we all grew up with the scout, me and ijul really remember our shitty scout moment. When we were on every Friday, our scout day, everybody would be like a robot, obey the seniors, would be punished if you break the rules. Our scout advisor looked like a notorious assassin who can kill a guilty. If you are into scout, you are so boring.

???????????????????????????????coffee break! Is there any coffee break in hiking? Haha.. who give a shit? Ijul is a coffee freak, cant breath without coffee, it heals his migraine. So we put down our carryall to boil water making two cups of coffee. Sting said “i don’t drink coffee.. i take tea my dear” yeah i don’t drink coffee not even tea, just mineral water but i have no problem with both. It just the habit, cos drinking coffee and tea is not my daily activity.

???????????????????????????????coffee got ijul’s insanity back and also some greens, yeah he flied for a moment in the middle of jungle J. This is always stuck on my mind, why do people love green while enjoying nature? I think no relation. Though we are buddy it doesn’t mean we have same opinion or same habit.

???????????????????????????????lot of steps closer to the top and it forced us to move faster. But what the hell are we hurrying for? So let it slow but sure, we didn’t need to prove anybody here

???????????????????????????????got the top! Yeah i was not really exited, this was not what i have planned before. Nothing special here the peak of this mount are full of trees. We were gonna set the tent up close to the lake. What lake?? Yeah follow us..

???????????????????????????????here comes the lake! Ijul said we were stepping down carefully. The sun shined so bright, it made us so curious about the lake, you know lake is so mysterious

???????????????????????????????wow.. the lake appeared so huge and wide, it looked more mysterious hehe.. did you ever watch lake placid? A crocodile monster suddenly attacked people near by the lake. Huhh.. i got trapped by movie hehe


we could clearly see now the fabulous landscape. All around the lake is the hills, this is just likely crater, probably couple of centuries ago who knows?.

???????????????????????????????i hung up and thought, “subhanallah” i grew up with these amazing natural resources. I said once that i aspired to be a diplomat. A diplomat means nothing, has no meaning, i would live my life with adventure. How much cooler does i get?

???????????????????????????????we finally got the cozy place to set up the tent which is we can take a look around the green hills and the surface of lake. Fiuhhh first thing to do is breathing deeply J feel into the wild. We are definitely wild men. Time to get some coffee again, take the stove out put the gas in and fight water with fire

???????????????????????????????ijul from the punk rock masher to indie pop hipster haha. After we have splitted several years almost 5 years. I worked in my hometown he worked in the fortune town. He is turning into different music taste as i know now haha luckily not his good personality. Cos i was into Efek Rumah Kaca meanwhile he was listening to superman is dead. He even asked me to join this three chord piece band hyper insomnia to be one of their guitarist. I loved the band, the men inside but i was not into their music unfortunately but it didn’t change me my friendship and i would be their biggest fan as a friend. Yeah we were on afternoon talk, staring at the lake amazingly hail to ijul!

???????????????????????????????it was kinda weird, this was the first time for me to cook some foods in the forest. You know every time i went out for trip, i always had someone who cook better than me, yes really better than me, so let the expertise do the cooking. I guessed i was more much better than this reckless boy haha! He was my assistant cutting some unions, chillies, taking fresh water. Hell yeah!! let the expert do the cooking!!

???????????????????????????????yeahh small salted fish was fried, it would be spicy salted fish menu this afternoon. The hot oil burned my thigh skin i got burning pain ( i suddenly remember all the time – the sigit “ it just like a burning pain that never end all the time “) oh gosh i was too much haha. This was just temporary burning pain.

???????????????????????????????the blue panorama at sunset, between day and night, angel and demon, saint and sinner, man and gay haha! (metallica and bon jovi ? upss..)

???????????????????????????????full moon tonight!! Full moon tonight !! ( anda perdana’s song was occasionally made my night on fire!) We got priceless view maaannn!!. No wind not even cold and the beauty mysterious shadow of the full moon on the surface of lake (wow!! this part would be my psychedelic album title hehe), can’t you imagine that?. The full moon was obsessing our both soul, i do adored this moment. Ijul was flying to sky while talking with me yeah he got stoned over. We were listening some indie great song such matajiwa, tigapagi, melancholic bitch yeah ijul’s playlist. He unexpectedly felt so cold, trembled as here is zero Celsius degree cos i didn’t even feel cold i just worn my flannel. I didn’t know why i was a bit panic of him. He suddenly come into tent, put in his sleeping bad. I directly boiled the water for hot tea while keep talking with him. I guessed the hypothermia symptoms, probably the mild hypothermia. Yeah you know hypothermia is a condition in which the body’s core temperature drops below that required for normal metabolism dan body functions. Or maybe stoned over caused hypothermia? Oh my fucking mate you made me panic in this priceless moment haha!. After giving him hot tea, i cleaned and kept all of the stuff it’s time to sleep. I made sure him ok with late night talking about his favourite band melancholic bitch. What a night!

???????????????????????????????i woke up on 7 a.m, the weather was so well to go back. we prepared our stuff and go.  so long mount. tujuh!


???????????????????????????????full moon last night then drizzle daylight. i got to go home soon, cos i must help my sista wedding party. it’s gonna be a long long way to home

note : We went from being strangers, to acquaintances, to friends, to best friends, to family, and then (hopefully doesnt happen) drift back into being strangers.


Different mind different character different experience, yeahh now I was with another friend, let me introduce them one by one.

A Consina freak , an old sloppy jackass guy, a master chef of mountain, he would talk shit if you kid him, please welcome Adhe rully febriansyah, we always pretended him as our inspirator haha..

A calm-killed dad, mr. slowly but sure, always slept first (probably he wanted to escaped from the reality), part of old dynamic duo adhe and him, sometimes he imitated adhe’s joke, it means unoriginal haha. He is Rangga bhrataranu

I just met Asep for the first time, i was not so close with him,he was a nice guy with sunglass all the time.

Last but not least, Ricky (Ricky…was a young boy he had a heart of stone) he was still young boy but he had a heart of flower. He has Eric martin-esque voice with melanosoid face


we just arrived from cawang-uki to garut bus station, started from 12.15 am till 04.30 am, still sleepy but fun and we’re going to drink our first cup of of  coffee to made sure everything was gonna be well (for your info, I was wearing Komunal tee, one of my favorite stoner rock band from bandung, they called their music “Rock Petir” yeagggghhhhhhhhhhh )


from bus station we’re heading to somewhere (arghhh forget the name!! god bless me)to rent a pick up car with others. It was crowded and damaged road but stimulate your adrenalin to the max.


shine bright like a sun, look at to the triangle, it was mount cikuray, in west java there are “Fabulous Four “ Papandayan, Ciremay, Cikuray, Guntur. Hopefully I’m gonna explore them soon.


five stars mean classic, four stars mean excellent, 3 star means good, two stars mean fair, one star means poor. Oh cmon man! This not review haha, we arrived at first shelter and the rest was history LOL


started to hike on 08.30 am, when the sun was going be cruel for you, you know we really enjoy the trip, we spent one a half hour for breakfast, coffee (again???), tea then fried rice


if you are into Sigur Ros (I’m not J), it looks like hill in Iceland cmiiw, my mate ever showed Sigur Ros video on youtube they played in outdoor stage, as long as I watched it, the background was a bit similar with this and another similarity was you can see your breath when you take a breath.


we would pass to the crater, all the things here are full of sulfur. Stones, grounds, air, it seemed every people are farting together haha


here came the crater, yes, Papandayan is a volcano and Garut often got the volcanic earthquake especially when Papandayan is growing.


the gorgeous  landscape, we got the fresh air here, when you still have forest you still can breath


was this a mountaineer band ? haha I didn’t know man, when somebody captured me, spontaneously I act like member of band, probably the dream is stil not coming true. Actually we took a rest here while capturing some moments, oh yeah we are living in developing country, you might find many people smoked everywhere even when you were in the jungle. I am not smoker even drinking alcohol, people call me “straight”,  “straight edge “ or whatever,thats’s so innocent. When you like or you dislike something, you stand for it and you don’t pretend, be you’re self no matter what they say and I think that’s more than healthy lifestyle, for me my habit become my principle.


this was the route we must pass through, sunny day didn’t make you lazy and down. A long and hot road


Adhe was so damn funny! Yeah you know he had a sloppy face and unique gesture, he can made us laugh. I got some quotes from Time “why the funniest man is also the saddest” according to Robin Williams.  funny men look always happy and can entertain people  to hide his own sadness. They also joke to escape from their life reality. When they are in to the sorrow, they have more suicidal tendencies than others.  Hahahaha so adhe beware!


bring carryall on my backbone make eyes tired,  gonna sleep all day and dream all night at hoeber hut. We almost spent one a half hour again to take a rest, praying zuhur and waiting for adhe. He slept tight under shady tree.


finally we reached pondok saladah after looking around the good place for setting up the tent, we had three tents for five men, it was too many .  Time to have lunch and let the chef do the cooking.


we’re the youth gone wild, we’re trying to find another way to reach the top of papadayan, without asking anybody except our master adherullyfebriansyahlol. So we’re hiking to another hill (me ,ricky and asep, two of old guys stayed in the tent lol). We’re assuming that we would find people there, but we’re totally wrong haha.


after getting to the top, we’re trying to find the true way but no result, so we decided to smoke (but me) first, took a breath than thought  the new idea then we climbed down slowly because of cliff beside us. I don’t forget to capture all moments here. When your friend was getting panic in abnormal situation, you had to be calm them. I broke out the way then my fellow followed me, everything is gonna be alright.


we found the way, we met with others so we’re on our way, we got tegal alur. It was like edelweiss garden,  absolutely gorgeous, someday I will take someone special here. The papandayan keeper said “you had to come back before 12 pm beware of the falling clouds” we saw the watch it was almost 11.30 am, how came we can reached the top of papadayan only 30 minutes from tegalalur. But we didn’t give a shit about that, go go faster, we were on a half of way so keep going on.

???????????????????????????????             now selfie time, no picture hoax


getting lost in other hill then trying to pursue the peak made us more tired, we just had the water, we didn’t bring any food. No pain no gain motherfucker!!


yeagggghhhhhhh we got here!!! No special things here, no beautiful landscape, no clouds under us no object to capture but what I do appreciated the spirit of my buddies. Cheers buddies!!


we climbed down back again and ofcourse! We’re more faster. We found the creek, source of water for mountaineer, you can drank in a cold and frosty day


tegal alur for the second time, we quite satisfied it was almost 02.30 pm


it was not a good photo, I didn’t get any edelweiss anymore, the immortal flower


after hiking a whole day, let started the night with torch light dinner, we had dinner shined by torch.  Adhe cooked noddle for us.


the last man packing : my tent was hard to dry, so we waited for it after Saturday, Sunday and Monday we’re going back, mamaaa I’m coming homeeee (hey my mom is in padangsidimpuan).


we put together trashes to the trashbag, it’s our obligation to make our camping area clean like before we came. We had to keep it fresh and comfortable.


again..sunny day made our face looked old haha, we’re on the way to shelter one


actually we’re going to rent the pick up car, but the driver was still waiting other pessenger, no option. We had to get bus station as soon as possible, we left him and went with motorcycle, and I sung every single time on it. So long papandayan!!



It’s been a long long time I don’t up date it, almost 2 years, it doesn’t mean I forget :D, you know what, when you work in a company or any else, it’s hard to be free as a bird and easy to be stuck as a slave J. Let me say assalamualaikum wr. wb to this blog again.

Now I have two new adventure-mate, Vicky is an old school metalhead with strong determination, hot daddy, slowly but sure, wise, patient but no offense, the last time he reached top of mountain was on 1997, it means he is surely older than us (hail to the old guy J ).  Yopie is an international brand-minded, adventure gear collector, humble guy, cute girl lover and navicula fake fan J.

We start our journey to the mount. Cikuray 2826 mdpl which is one of the highest mountain in west java,

???????????????????????????????We are around of tea field, local people started to plant tea since dutchland colonial era. Refresh your mind and soul.


???????????????????????????????When I was young I often played spica, the popular games kit and here is the stage 1 of the game.



cTake a look to yopie’s leg! Can you see that ! a lizard tattoo, can it help him to get the peak of mount?


???????????????????????????????If you leave, don’t expect all your pals to stick around, now I bring vicky’s carrier, I have 3 burdens my carrier, vicky’s one and my past time lol


???????????????????????????????How come The pathetic trio can be in a adventure team? White, green and black, what a colour!


???????????????????????????????A long long hard route, hiking, stepping up while holding to the root. We’re tired but Vicky is more, the age factor haha, nothing good comes easy, whoever said that wasn’t kidding


???????????????????????????????We are in the stage 6 of 7 stages, serigala militia and greenpeace? high octane Rocker and activist? uhhmm activist wannabe lol Yup! United by adventure

hAllah bless me! I’m surely the porter, the more you pass the stage the more you get the risk. Unfortunately Vicky can’t bring anything L. Next time better pal \m/

we finally get the stage 7 about five hour hiking, set up a tent, prepare for cooking, make bonfire. Then sleep all nite long for pursuing sunrise tomorrow.  Only one of us are familiar with the words “barber shop”. Long live rock n roll!!


???????????????????????????????The beginning of sunrise, incredible panorama, yeah we are above of cloud, the final countdown 3…2…1…



???????????????????????????????How come eddie vedder beside you guys? He might be at gigs with matt Cameron and co.


???????????????????????????????There is a huge triangle behind me it looks like shadow of pyramid. When the sun rises from east, the mount. Cikuray make “pyramid” to his neighbour papandayan


???????????????????????????????It looks more gorgeous, here comes the sun dudududuudud..



???????????????????????????????Rise and shine ! we are team. Each one fulfilled what the other lacked.




Mount. Papandayan is a volcano in west java. We are in ring of fire, eruption, earthquake, tsunami can hit us anytime



Time to step down carefully after escaping from reality J, we just woke up from dream. I bring vicky’s carrier from stage 5 till stage 2. My muscle will grow up well









Almost arrive in the stage 1, we lack of energy but we still kid each other



Taking a rest while playing some good songs.. “because you know I’m a long long way from home” komunal said


???????????????????????????????With mang ade’s family, they threat us to have dinner, mang ade is the humble host..what a moment




It’s been a long time i dont see the falls, actually i’ve known this before even i ever look the photo, it makes me really curious to explore and feel it. Sitimbulan falls is the nearest falls in this blog. Easy to get from the village, local people here are so humble and open-minded to stranger. So if you go there please dont be shy to speak, to communicate to local farmer or people that you meet there, they will answer you with a big smile. The falls looks like have a circle pool with a beautiful rock and pure water.


a cold and frosty morning..glory glory day..


a right man in a right place, starting activity in paradise haha

across the river, many hot springs can burn your skin, watch out!

this tree still can grow up so high, in every single second its root absorps the sulphur


we got the hidden waterfalls, not so many people know it, only who wanna explore would find it

what a damn falls! this is the hidden falls, proud to be indonesian

hard come hard go, oh man! the priority is the most important

back to the first falls, that’s why i must leave the hot springs and the hiddem falls, i wanna spend  more here, look at the stone! the stream made it so unique

i just think that i wanna jump from here, push your adrenaline to the limit  (while singing, jump – van halen)

from top of the falls, not so high, fell the stream and jump

too much think will fall asleep haha, i don’t know man..i need 15 minutes to take a rest

bung hatta ever said about indonesia diplomacy “sailing between two rocks” refers to non-aligned indonesian foreign diplomacy. so about this picture : “sailing between two rocks, you’ll find the ravine”

it’s time to jump fella, you rockkkk!!!!

Mr. Crab on my hand, this crab will use to be medicine, local people consume to heal the cough

green frog with huge voice, it’s not good photo but it’s hard to take it haha