Different mind different character different experience, yeahh now I was with another friend, let me introduce them one by one.

A Consina freak , an old sloppy jackass guy, a master chef of mountain, he would talk shit if you kid him, please welcome Adhe rully febriansyah, we always pretended him as our inspirator haha..

A calm-killed dad, mr. slowly but sure, always slept first (probably he wanted to escaped from the reality), part of old dynamic duo adhe and him, sometimes he imitated adhe’s joke, it means unoriginal haha. He is Rangga bhrataranu

I just met Asep for the first time, i was not so close with him,he was a nice guy with sunglass all the time.

Last but not least, Ricky (Ricky…was a young boy he had a heart of stone) he was still young boy but he had a heart of flower. He has Eric martin-esque voice with melanosoid face


we just arrived from cawang-uki to garut bus station, started from 12.15 am till 04.30 am, still sleepy but fun and we’re going to drink our first cup of of  coffee to made sure everything was gonna be well (for your info, I was wearing Komunaltee, one of my favorite stoner rock band from bandung, they called their music “Rock Petir” yeagggghhhhhhhhhhh )


from bus station we’re heading to somewhere (arghhh forget the name!! god bless me)to rent a pick up car with others. It was crowded and damaged road but stimulate your adrenalin to the max.


shine bright like a sun, look at to the triangle, it was mount cikuray, in west java there are “Fabulous Four “ Papandayan, Ciremay, Cikuray, Guntur. Hopefully I’m gonna explore them soon.


five stars mean classic, four stars mean excellent, 3 star means good, two stars mean fair, one star means poor. Oh cmon man! This not review haha, we arrived at first shelter and the rest was history LOL


started to hike on 08.30 am, when the sun was going be cruel for you, you know we really enjoy the trip, we spent one a half hour for breakfast, coffee (again???), tea then fried rice


if you are into Sigur Ros (I’m not J), it looks like hill in Iceland cmiiw, my mate ever showed Sigur Ros video on youtube they played in outdoor stage, as long as I watched it, the background was a bit similar with this and another similarity was you can see your breath when you take a breath.


we would pass to the crater, all the things here are full of sulfur. Stones, grounds, air, it seemed every people are farting together haha


here came the crater, yes, Papandayan is a volcano and Garut often got the volcanic earthquake especially when Papandayan is growing.


the gorgeous  landscape, we got the fresh air here, when you still have forest you still can breath


was this a mountaineer band ? haha I didn’t know man, when somebody captured me, spontaneously I act like member of band, probably the dream is stil not coming true. Actually we took a rest here while capturing some moments, oh yeah we are living in developing country, you might find many people smoked everywhere even when you were in the jungle. I am not smoker even drinking alcohol, people call me “straight”,  “straight edge “ or whatever,thats’s so innocent. When you like or you dislike something, you stand for it and you don’t pretend, be you’re self no matter what they say and I think that’s more than healthy lifestyle, for me my habit become my principle.


this was the route we must pass through, sunny day didn’t make you lazy and down. A long and hot road


Adhe was so damn funny! Yeah you know he had a sloppy face and unique gesture, he can made us laugh. I got some quotes from Time “why the funniest man is also the saddest” according to Robin Williams.  funny men look always happy and can entertain people  to hide his own sadness. They also joke to escape from their reality life. When they are in to the sorrow, they have more suicidal tendencies than others.  Hahahaha so adhe beware!


bring carryall on my backbone make eyes tired,  gonna sleep all day and dream all night at hoeber hut. We almost spent one a half hour again to take a rest, praying zuhur and waiting for adhe. He slept tight under shady tree.


finally we reached pondok saladah after looking around the good place for setting up the tent, we had three tents for five men, it was too many .  Time to have lunch and let the chef do the cooking.


we’re the youth gone wild, we’re trying to find another way to reach the top of papadayan, without asking anybody except our master adherullyfebriansyahlol. So we’re hiking to another hill (me ,ricky and asep, two of old guys stayed in the tent lol). We’re assuming that we would find people there, but we’re totally wrong haha.


after getting to the top, we’re trying to find the true way but no result, so we decided to smoke (but me) first, took a breath than thought  the new idea then we climbed down slowly because of cliff beside us. I don’t forget to capture all moments here. When your friend was getting panic in abnormal situation, you had to calm them. I broke out the way then my fellow followed me, everything is gonna be alright.


we found the way, we met with others so we’re on our way, we got tegal alur. It was like edelweiss garden,  absolutely gorgeous, someday I will take someone special here. The papandayan keeper said “you had to come back before 12 pm beware of the falling clouds” we saw the watch it was almost 11.30 am, how came we can reached the top of papadayan only 30 minutes from tegalalur. But we didn’t give a shit about that, go go faster, we were on a half of way so keep going on.

???????????????????????????????             now selfie time, no picture hoax


getting lost in other hill then trying to pursue the peak made us more tired, we just had the water, we didn’t bring any food. No pain no gain motherfucker!!


yeagggghhhhhhh we got here!!! No special things here, no beautiful landscape, no clouds under us no object to capture but what I do appreciated the spirit of my buddies. Cheers buddies!!


we climbed down back again and ofcourse! We’re more faster. We found the creek, source of water for mountaineer, you can drank in a cold and frosty day


tegal alur for the second time, we quite satisfied it was almost 02.30 pm


it was not a good photo, I didn’t get any edelweiss anymore, the immortal flower


after hiking a whole day, let started the night with torch light dinner, we had dinner shined by torch.  Adhe cooked noddle for us.


the last man packing : my tent was hard to dry, so we waited for it after Saturday, Sunday and Monday we’re going back, mamaaa I’m coming homeeee (hey my mom is in padangsidimpuan).


we put together trashes to the trashbag, it’s our obligation to make our camping area clean like before we came. We had to keep it fresh and comfortable.


again..sunny day made our face looked old haha, we’re on the way to shelter one


actually we’re going to rent the pick up car, but the driver was still waiting other pessenger, no option. We had to get bus station as soon as possible, we left him and went with motorcycle, and I sung every single time on it. So long papandayan!!



It’s been a long long time I don’t up date it, almost 2 years, it doesn’t mean I forget :D, you know what, when you work in a company or any else, it’s hard to be free as a bird and easy to be stuck as a slave J. Let’s say assalamualaikum wr. wb to this blog again.

Now I have two new adventure-mate, Vicky is an old school metalhead with strong determination, hot daddy, slowly but sure, wise, patient but no offense, the last time he reached top of mountain was on 1997, it means he is surely older than us (hail to the old guy J ).  Yopie is an international brand-minded, adventure gear collector, humble guy, cute girl lover and navicula fake fan J.

We start our journey to the mount. Cikuray 2826 mdpl one of the highest mountain in west java,

???????????????????????????????We are around of tea field, local people started to plant tea since dutchland colonial era. Refresh your mind and soul.


???????????????????????????????When I was young I often played spica, the popular games kit and here is the stage 1 of the game.



cTake a look to yopie’s leg! Can you see that ! a lizard tattoo, can it help him to get the peak of mount?


???????????????????????????????If you leave, don’t expect all your pals to stick around, now I bring vicky’s carrier, I have 3 burdens my carrier, vicky’s one and my past time lol


???????????????????????????????How come The pathetic trio can be in a adventure team? White, green and black, what a colour!


???????????????????????????????A long long hard route, hiking, stepping up while holding to the root. We’re tired but Vicky is more, the age factor haha, nothing good comes easy, whoever said that wasn’t kidding


???????????????????????????????We are in the stage 6 of 7 stages, serigala militia and greenpeace? Rocker and activist? Yup! United by adventure

hAllah bless me! I’m surely the porter, the more you pass the stage the more you get the risk. Unfortunately Vicky can’t bring anything L. Next time better pal \m/

Finally we get the stage 7 about five hour hiking, set up a tent, prepare for cooking, make bonfire. Then sleep all nite long for pursuing sunrise tomorrow.  Only one of us are familiar with the words “barber shop”. Long live rock n roll!!


???????????????????????????????The beginning of sunrise, incredible panorama, yeah we are above of cloud, the final countdown 3…2…1…



???????????????????????????????How come eddie vedder beside you guys? He might be at gigs with matt Cameron and co.


???????????????????????????????There is a huge triangle behind me it looks like shadow of pyramid. When the sun rises from east, the mount. Cikuray make “pyramid” to his neighbour papandayan


???????????????????????????????It looks more gorgeous, here comes the sun dudududuudud..



???????????????????????????????Rise and shine ! we are team. Each one fulfilled what the other lacked.




Mount. Papandayan is a volcano in west java. We are in ring of fire, eruption, earthquake, tsunami can hit us anytime



Time to step down carefully after escaping from reality J, we just woke up from dream. I bring vicky’s carrier from stage 5 till stage 2. My muscle will grow up well









Almost arrive in the stage 1, we lack of energy but we still kid each other



Taking a rest while playing some good songs.. “because you know I’m a long long way from home” komunal said


???????????????????????????????With mang ade’s family, they threat us to have dinner, mang ade is the humble host..what a moment




It’s been a long time i dont see the falls, actually i’ve known this before even i ever look the photo, it makes me really curious to explore and feel it. Sitimbulan falls is the nearest falls in this blog. Easy to get from the village, local people here are so humble and open-minded to stranger. So if you go there please dont be shy to speak, to communicate to local farmer or people that you meet there, they will answer you with a big smile. The falls looks like have a circle pool with a beautiful rock and pure water.


a cold and frosty morning..glory glory day..


a right man in a right place, starting activity in paradise haha

across the river, many hot springs can burn your skin, watch out!

this tree still can grow up so high, in every single second its root absorps the sulphur


we got the hidden waterfalls, not so many people know it, only who wanna explore would find it

what a damn falls! this is the hidden falls, proud to be indonesian

hard come hard go, oh man! the priority is the most important

back to the first falls, that’s why i must leave the hot springs and the hiddem falls, i wanna spend  more here, look at the stone! the stream made it so unique

i just think that i wanna jump from here, push your adrenaline to the limit  (while singing, jump – van halen)

from top of the falls, not so high, fell the stream and jump

too much think will fall asleep haha, i don’t know man..i need 15 minutes to take a rest

bung hatta ever said about indonesia diplomacy “sailing between two rocks” refers to non-aligned indonesian foreign diplomacy. so about this picture : “sailing between two rocks, you’ll find the ravine”

it’s time to jump fella, you rockkkk!!!!

Mr. Crab on my hand, this crab will use to be medicine, local people consume to heal the cough

green frog with huge voice, it’s not good photo but it’s hard to take it haha


it’s been a long time to continue this blog, sometime the spirit comes to me directly and sometime no spirit in my soul. Your advanture-mate can be your foe, and your foe absolutely can’t be your adventure-mate. Every breath you take and every little thing you do is how to survivor in bad condition, like me..i’m bad now, just do by myself, i do it my self, and the adventure must go on, life must go on, you have to move would be rainbow after storm. This is the first time i sing a song in bahasa about how to fight the world. One of my favourite track of my favourite glam-rock band GRIBS (GondRong krIBo berSaudara).

“..Dalam hidup di dunia tak punya banyak pilihan

Engkau hidup sebagai pejuang atau pecundang

Sekali kau lakukan berarti tak bisa kembali yeah..

Perjuangkan selalu sendiri..”

In this chapter we gonna talk about mount lubuk raya. We can see lubuk raya from padangsidimpuan directly, almost every day in rainy season lubuk raya covered by clouds. There are two courses to hike lubuk raya, southern from padang julu and northern from aek sabaon. I have made three shelters to get the top of mount. If hiking with big backpack, it would be six hours two reach the top.

This is mount. Lubuk raya, consist of three tops. At this time i’ll hike from southern in padang julu

With my local guide, we’ll make the clues to another hiker that gonna hike to this mount.

We can see Mount. Sanggarudang beside lubuk raya, it’s gonna be a great adventure!

Mushrooms on tree, we can eat this, always we find in tropical forest, absolutely in my belove south tapanuli

A lot of insects around mushrooms, so come and grab it fast!

I don’t know this, lil’ bit small apple or like cherry..

Take a rest for a while, i decide in this place would be shelter two, there are three shelters to get on the top. Ehemmm… and i do it my self..

Take more picture In shelter three, c’mon and hike!

GRRRRRR..i feel cold, i have to wear raincoat and hat and the show must go on Still on shelter three, when you feel so tired but you can stop, move on!

A  deep ravine between two mounts, let me screaaammm…..yeahhhhhhhhhhh

We have to walk close to ravine, no more way for lady boy..

Yihaaaaaaaaa…finally i did it, almost trees on the top of lubuk raya covered by moss

From the roots till the branch covered by green moss

Small insects always fly and around my ear, we called ‘agas’ , so hat is solution

18 celcius degree on top..but now still 4 am.

Last photo for last day..see you in next adventure!!


This expedition trying to find liang baja cave in  marancar forests, cave is the ancient relic from the pre – independence of Indonesia. This time RED (Rimba Expedition Discovery) only two men and  accompanied by 3 persons of other explorers. To achieve these caves in our journey takes 3 days, because we had lost in the woods during the day, our supplies is running out, so we just ate in the last Day just once, but still exploring the way to home all day until 10 pm,  we stay in local farmer’s hut and keeping in heavy equipments, haha .. no turning back for adventures. What’s interesting about this expedition is a difficult terrain, after two days through the forest areas that spend the stamina for up and down the mountain, the third day should go against the flow of the river during the day, passing through the slippery rocks and swift currents. The flow of the river filled with fish – fish that river can be fished at any time, the forest around the river are also found a nest of black apes and various other primates, we have time to eat for a fallen tree near the nest of black apes, it feels like a mixture of rambutan and lengkeng . The cave is located in pangarongan, marancar south tapanuli, north Sumatra – Indonesia.

for the first let’s pray to allah swt who give us the power to do this

youth gone wild..i fell like the beatles without jhon lennon, no leader in my team

small bridge.. fell the vibration if walk there

batang toru river, big stream with wild forest

trial and error, sometimes to find what u want it’s in a hard way

we’re starving have a nice lunch

root like big snake, anaconda maybe..

to love is to let it be adventurer is to let it tired

lychees party in my leg..blood sport

you’re in the hard way dude..

killer aye contact

tent sweet tent

it,s hard day..try and try..we don’t find the cave

this is black monkey’s roost, we just see them

one goal one way

small waterfall

adventure ’till drop..we don’t sleep all night long, we don’t take the tent it’s so heavy, we decide to take big mattress and make it like simple tent, finally  rain fall and lil’ flood around us

breakfast,lunch and dinner in the same time..yupp we don’t eat all day, it’s not enough

put the backpack on the street to stop the bus or truck to get next destination

take me home sidempuan…