It’s been a long time i dont see the falls, actually i’ve known this before even i ever look the photo, it makes me really curious to explore and feel it. Sitimbulan falls is the nearest falls in this blog. Easy to get from the village, local people here are so humble and open-minded to stranger. So if you go there please dont be shy to speak, to communicate to local farmer or people that you meet there, they will answer you with a big smile. The falls looks like have a circle pool with a beautiful rock and pure water.


a cold and frosty morning..glory glory day..


a right man in a right place, starting activity in paradise haha

across the river, many hot springs can burn your skin, watch out!

this tree still can grow up so high, in every single second its root absorps the sulphur


we got the hidden waterfalls, not so many people know it, only who wanna explore would find it

what a damn falls! this is the hidden falls, proud to be indonesian

hard come hard go, oh man! the priority is the most important

back to the first falls, that’s why i must leave the hot springs and the hiddem falls, i wanna spend  more here, look at the stone! the stream made it so unique

i just think that i wanna jump from here, push your adrenaline to the limit  (while singing, jump – van halen)

from top of the falls, not so high, fell the stream and jump

too much think will fall asleep haha, i don’t know man..i need 15 minutes to take a rest

bung hatta ever said about indonesia diplomacy “sailing between two rocks” refers to non-aligned indonesian foreign diplomacy. so about this picture : “sailing between two rocks, you’ll find the ravine”

it’s time to jump fella, you rockkkk!!!!

Mr. Crab on my hand, this crab will use to be medicine, local people consume to heal the cough

green frog with huge voice, it’s not good photo but it’s hard to take it haha


it’s been a long time to continue this blog, sometime the spirit comes to me directly and sometime no spirit in my soul. Your advanture-mate can be your foe, and your foe absolutely can’t be your adventure-mate. Every breath you take and every little thing you do is how to survivor in bad condition, like me..i’m bad now, just do by myself, i do it my self, and the adventure must go on, life must go on, you have to move would be rainbow after storm. This is the first time i sing a song in bahasa about how to fight the world. One of my favourite track of my favourite glam-rock band GRIBS (GondRong krIBo berSaudara).

“..Dalam hidup di dunia tak punya banyak pilihan

Engkau hidup sebagai pejuang atau pecundang

Sekali kau lakukan berarti tak bisa kembali yeah..

Perjuangkan selalu sendiri..”

In this chapter we gonna talk about mount lubuk raya. We can see lubuk raya from padangsidimpuan directly, almost every day in rainy season lubuk raya covered by clouds. There are two courses to hike lubuk raya, southern from padang julu and northern from aek sabaon. I have made three shelters to get the top of mount. If hiking with big backpack, it would be six hours two reach the top.

This is mount. Lubuk raya, consist of three tops. At this time i’ll hike from southern in padang julu

With my local guide, we’ll make the clues to another hiker that gonna hike to this mount.

We can see Mount. Sanggarudang beside lubuk raya, it’s gonna be a great adventure!

Mushrooms on tree, we can eat this, always we find in tropical forest, absolutely in my belove south tapanuli

A lot of insects around mushrooms, so come and grab it fast!

I don’t know this, lil’ bit small apple or like cherry..

Take a rest for a while, i decide in this place would be shelter two, there are three shelters to get on the top. Ehemmm… and i do it my self..

Take more picture In shelter three, c’mon and hike!

GRRRRRR..i feel cold, i have to wear raincoat and hat and the show must go on Still on shelter three, when you feel so tired but you can stop, move on!

A  deep ravine between two mounts, let me screaaammm…..yeahhhhhhhhhhh

We have to walk close to ravine, no more way for lady boy..

Yihaaaaaaaaa…finally i did it, almost trees on the top of lubuk raya covered by moss

From the roots till the branch covered by green moss

Small insects always fly and around my ear, we called ‘agas’ , so hat is solution

18 celcius degree on top..but now still 4 am.

Last photo for last day..see you in next adventure!!


This expedition trying to find liang baja cave in  marancar forests, cave is the ancient relic from the pre – independence of Indonesia. This time RED (Rimba Expedition Discovery) only two men and  accompanied by 3 persons of other explorers. To achieve these caves in our journey takes 3 days, because we had lost in the woods during the day, our supplies is running out, so we just ate in the last Day just once, but still exploring the way to home all day until 10 pm,  we stay in local farmer’s hut and keeping in heavy equipments, haha .. no turning back for adventures. What’s interesting about this expedition is a difficult terrain, after two days through the forest areas that spend the stamina for up and down the mountain, the third day should go against the flow of the river during the day, passing through the slippery rocks and swift currents. The flow of the river filled with fish – fish that river can be fished at any time, the forest around the river are also found a nest of black apes and various other primates, we have time to eat for a fallen tree near the nest of black apes, it feels like a mixture of rambutan and lengkeng . The cave is located in pangarongan, marancar south tapanuli, north Sumatra – Indonesia.

Ekspedisi ini berusaha mencari gua liang baja yang ada di pedalaman hutan marancar, pedalaman hutan marancar, merupakan gua peninggalan zaman dulu dari zaman pra – kemerdekaan indonesia.  Kali ini R.E.D hanya  dua orang ditemani 3 orang penjelajah lain. Untuk mencapai gua ini dalam perjalan kami membutuhkan waktu 3 hari, karena kami sempat tersesat di hutan selama sehari, perbekalan yang kami bawa habis sehingga dihari terakhir kami Cuma makan sekali saja namun tetap melakukan perjalanan pulang seharian sampai jam 10 malam menginap di gubuk petani setempat dan tetap membawa barang yang cukup banyak, haha..tiada kata menyerah untuk setiap petualangan. Yang menarik dari ekspedisi ini adalah medan yang sulit, setelah 2 hari melewati daerah hutan yang menghabiskan stamina karena naik turun gunung, hari ketiga harus melawan arus sungai selama seharian, melewati batu yang licin dan arus yang deras. Aliran sungai dipenuhi dengan ikan – ikan sungai yang dapat dipancing kapan saja, hutan disekitar sungai juga banyak terdapat sarang dari kera hitam dan berbagai primata lainnya, kami sempat makan buat yang jatuh di dekat pohon yang menjadi sarang kera hitam, rasanya seperti campuran rambutan dan lengkeng. Gua ini terletak  desa pangarongan, marancar kabupaten tapanuli selatan, sumatra utara – indonesia.

for the first let’s pray to allah swt who give us the power to do this

youth gone wild..i fell like the beatles without jhon lennon, no leader in my team

small bridge.. fell the vibration if walk there

batang toru river, big stream with wild forest

trial and error, sometimes to find what u want it’s in a hard way

we’re starving have a nice lunch

root like big snake, anaconda maybe..

to love is to let it be adventurer is to let it tired

lychees party in my leg..blood sport

you’re in the hard way dude..

killer aye contact

tent sweet tent

it,s hard day..try and try..we don’t find the cave

this is black monkey’s roost, we just see them

one goal one way

small waterfall

adventure ’till drop..we don’t sleep all night long, we don’t take the tent it’s so heavy, we decide to take big mattress and make it like simple tent, finally  rain fall and lil’ flood around us

breakfast,lunch and dinner in the same time..yupp we don’t eat all day, it’s not enough

put the backpack on the street to stop the bus or truck to get next destination

take me home sidempuan…


Based on the name (R.E.D)..we are the first man to find this waterfall which is why we feel entitled to give its name hehe .. we don’t find the pool of waterfall because it is located on the slope of the hill so that we can only look, for the bath from the shower waterfall also difficult, it’s dangerous because the rocks slippery and there are gaps in the flow of the waterfall. R.E.D waterfall is located 30 minutes from the waterfall sirerak because they still come at the same mountain, in the dry season we’ve just find small water from the top of water fall. About 40-50 meters high. RED waterfall located in Marancar udik, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra – Indonesia.

Sesuai namanya R.E.D, kami adalah manusia pertama yang menemukan air terjun ini oleh karena itu kami merasa berhak memberi namanya hehe..air terjun ini tidak memilik kolam untuk berenang karena terletak di kemiringan bukit sehingga kita hanya dapat memandang, untuk mandi dari pancuran air terjun juga susah, sedikit berbahaya karena batuan licin dan ada jurang di aliran air terjun.  Air terjun R.E.D ini berjarak 30 menit dari air terjun sirerak karena masih berada di barisan gunung yang sama, air curahannya  tidak besar karena kami datang di musim kemarau. Tingginya sekitar 40-50 meter. Air terjun R.E.D berada di di desa Marancar udik kabupaten tapanuli selatan sumatra utara – indonesia.


Marancar has an extraordinary natural potention, in my opinion it’s the jewel of South Tapanuli there are two Sipirok and marancar. Sipirok relatively known by the public because of easier access and a causeway to South Tapanuli – Medan. While marancar known by the adventurers like us hehe .. this waterfall was rarely touched by humans, only farmers and fish finders who know her whereabouts. Height between 60-80 meters, access to this waterfall down the mountain in 60 degree slope and then climb the slippery rocks that represents the flow of the river from the waterfall is because there is no other way. Natural conditions are still virgin and wild enough adrenaline. Many species of birds that we encounter also a tropical rain forest vegetation was diverse. To reach this waterfall takes a half hour from Marancar udik, while from padangsidimpuan to marancar need 45 minutes. sirerak waterfall located in marancar udik, South Tapanuli, north Sumatra – Indonesia.

Kawasan marancar memang menyimpan potensi alam yang sangat luar biasa, menurut saya permata tapanuli selatan itu ada dua yaitu sipirok dan marancar. Sipirok relatif lebih dikenal masyarakat karena akses yang lebih mudah dan merupakan jalan lintas tapanuli selatan – medan. Sedangkan marancar relatif diketahui petualang seperti kami hehe..air terjun ini sama sekali jarang dijamah manusia, hanya para petani dan pencari ikan yang tahu keberadaannya. Tingginya antara 60 – 80 meter, akses ke air terjun ini menuruni gunung di kemiringan 60 derajat kemudian mendaki bebatuan yang licin yang merupakan aliran sungai dari air terjun tersebut karena tidak ada jalan lain. Kondisi alam yang masih perawan dan liar cukup memacu adrenalin. Banyak spesies unggas yang kami jumpai juga vegetasi hutan hujan tropis yang ber aneka ragam.  Untuk mencapai air terjun ini membutuhkan waktu satu setengah jam dari desa Marancar udik, sementara dari kota padangsidimpuan ke marancar membutuh kan waktu 45 menit . air terjun sirerak berada di desa marancar udik kabupaten tapanuli selatan, sumatra utara – indonesia.